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Cargo Transportation

  • heavy lift cargo transportation on the external sling and inside the cabin;
  • transportation of the equipment for geologic exploration;
  • logging.

Passenger transportation 

  • corporate and VIP passenger transportation,
  • air taxi services for private persons.

Construction operations

Mounting and dismounting of:

  • TV towers, cellular communication towers, communication constructions;
  • technological industrial equipment and a facilities; 
  • rope-ways (including rope expansion);
  • supports for power transmission lines.

Firefighting operations

Aerial observation, survey and photography

Rescue operations

Pipeline construction and aerial patrol

Support of oil and gas projects

Offshore operations

Unique aerial works

News Archive НПК «ПАНХ» оказывает услуги по авиационному обеспечению экстренной медицинской эвакуации персонала ППБУ в Карском море Helicopter crew is 24/7 mission-ready to provide emergency medical evacuation of MODU specialists and, if necessary, to carry a casualty with paramedic on board to Yamal medical facilities. 31.07.19

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