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Construction operations

Construction operations

Excellent tools for the many construction projects, where there are no accesses for ground machines, are the heavy helicopters, such as Mil-26 and Ka-32. Unique Mil-26 helicopter having payload of 20 tones has no analogues in the world and is capable to solve many problems connected with lifting and mounting, and also transportation of bulky freights.

PANH Helicopters provides a wide spectrum of services in building sector. The main areas of helicopter usage are mounting and dismounting of:

  • TV towers, cellular communication towers, communication constructions;
  • technological industrial equipment and a facilities;
  • rope-ways (including rope expansion);
  • supports for power transmission lines;

and also wires and cables expansion using special coil on the external sling and on the ground.

PANH Helicopters has performed a lot of unique kinds of aerial works. One of such projects was mounting of 260 meters high television tower in the centre of Moscow, which required not only additional special helicopter equipment, but also direct supervision over the freight from the additional cabin for the pilot-operator.

PANH Helicopters’ specialists were the first in the world who performed mounting of power transmission line support by Mil-26 helicopter at a height of 3000 meters (Nakharsky swell, the Karachaevo-Cherkessian Republic) thanks to what power supply to Georgia and Turkey was restored after emergent breakdown.

PANH Helicopters is the pioneer in helicopter mounting of domes on Orthodox cathedrals. Experts of PANH Helicopters’ Research centre have developed the special fixing system for this kind of aerial work. Later on this experience was followed by the other airlines. More than 20 cathedrals have been restored with direct participation of PANH Helicopters’ experts. This kind of aerial works is implemented by the company exclusively within the limits of charity.

At preliminary work much attention is given to cargo stabilization and reduction of aerodynamic resistance at the bulk cargo transportation. The unique technologies have been developed by experts of PANH Helicopters’ Research centre for cargo azimuthal orientation to reduce the time for transportation, to improve safety and precision cargo placement. The optimum route calculation for the purpose of transportation cost optimization is also provided.



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