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Cargo Transportation

Cargo Transportation

  • heavy lift cargo transportation on the external sling and inside the cabin;
  • transportation of the equipment for geologic exploration;
  • logging.


PANH Helicopters possesses the equipment required for transportation of bulky cargos by heavy helicopters both on the external sling and inside the cabin using the most advanced technologies.

PANH Helicopters has developed systems to stabilize cargoes on the external sling using stabilizing parachutes and other means of aerodynamic stabilization. Stabilizing systems provides increase of transportation speed at transporting of cargoes for long distances.

Russian middle-class Mil-8 and Ka-32 helicopters (max payload up to 5 tons) and heavy-class Mil-26 helicopter (max payload up to 20 tons) can achieve the most effective and environment sensitive logging operations.

PANH Helicopters specializes in logging in the south of Russia and abroad. The unique helicopter service is transportation of rare species of wood from economically and geographically inaccessible zones.


Quick and environmentally safe transportation of cargoes


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