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Aerial observation, survey and photography

Aerial observation, survey and photography

PANH Helicopters provides services on low-level and high-level-altitude aerial photo and video shootings and on aerial survey and observation.

Planning photographic survey. It is executed vertically to the ground area. Quality of photographic survey allows increasing the image as much as possible. Such photographic survey makes an opportunity to execute measurements and to design the investigated sites.

Panoramic photographic survey. It is executed at an angle to horizon for obtaining of the panoramic image. It is applied to demonstrating of advantages of an object location. For example, a habitation complex in mountains, etc.

The aerial visual helicopter works performed by the company, allow:

  • planning and designing of building and infrastructure projects;
  • correcting of development, supervising of work;
  • estimating and monitoring of soil and water pollution;
  • making photographic survey of remote places;
  • observation of power transmission lines, forest area, snow cover in mountains etc.;
  • survey of investment sites;
  • making of geologic exploration and logging area prospecting and many others.




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