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Mil-8 T
Mil-8 T

Multi-purpose Mil-8T transport helicopter has unique aircraft and operating performance. High reliability, unpretentiousness, easy control and use of the helicopter has allowed its winning wide popularity all over the world.

The strong and volumetric cargo compartment is intended for transportation of various configuration freights up to 3 tons and can be also equipped with removable seats for transportation of 22 passengers. The helicopter cargo compartment has a volume up to 23 m3 with a large back opening and a sliding door on port side for efficiency of loading. For transportation of oversized and bulky freights in weight up to 3 tons the helicopter is equipped with system of the external sling.

The helicopter in the shortest terms can be equipped with additional fuel tanks and removable equipment to be used for firefighting, search and rescue operations, aerial photography and other operations.

The helicopter design and equipment allows putting it into operation at independent basing on not equipped heliports.

Flight performances
Length of fuselage, m 18.17
Width of fuselage, m 2.5
Height, m 4.38
Main wheel track, m 2.56
Diameter of rotor, m 21.3
Size of cabin (Length x Height x Width), m 5.34 x 2.25 x 1.80
Maximum take-off weight, kg 12000
Empty helicopter weight, kg 6 625
Maximum weight of freight, kg
in cabin, kg
on the external load sling, kg

4 000
3 000
Maximum limit speed, km/h 250
Cruiser speed, km/h 220
Maximum rate-of-climb, m/sec 9
Maximal ceiling, m 4 500
Operating ceiling, m 3 980
Flying range, km 800
Flight duration, h 3.5
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