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Ka-32AO helicopter is generally used for search and rescue operations, assembling operations, patrol, but also can be used for passenger and freights transportation in a cabin and on the external sling in weight up to 5000 kg. Up to 15 seats can be mounted in a cabin.

It differs from the other models with the minimum set of the equipment but keeping Ka-32T helicopter flight performances at thus.

Flight performances
Length of fuselage, m 11.3
Width of fuselage, m 1.4
Height, m 5.4
Main wheel track, m 3.5
Diameter of rotor, m 15.9
Size of cabin (Length x Height x Width), m 4.52 x 1.32 x 1.30
Maximum take-off weight, kg 11000 / 12 700
Empty helicopter weight, kg 6 500
Maximum weight of freight, kg
in cabin, kg
on the external load sling, kg

3 700
5 000
Maximum limit speed, km/h 230
Cruiser speed, km/h 200
Maximum rate-of-climb, m/sec 16
Maximal ceiling, m 5000
Operating ceiling, m 3700
Flying range, km 800
Flight duration, h 4
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