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Ka-32A Multi-purpose helicopter is designed on the basis of Ka-32T transport helicopter, and intended for transportation of people and freights in a cabin as well as bulky freights on the external sling, and also for patients’ and victims’ evacuation, rescue operations, construction and assembling operations, training of pilots and for other purposes.

Upgraded Ka-32 helicopter meets requirements of airworthiness standards for helicopters: NLGV-2 (Airworthiness Standards for Helicopters) and American Standards FAR-29/FAR-33. More than 250 alterations have been made in the helicopter design, i.e. modified pressure refueling system, installation of the large window on the left door of a cockpit, arm-rests on pilot seats, etc. There has been installed upgraded equipment, including a double control system of Global Positioning System – SMA3012, the ATM radar aircraft responder of So-72 type, internal and external emergency illumination. Flammability control is increased and lightning protection for equipment is provided.

The Ka-321 firefighting modification equipped with remote-controlled L-2AG floodlight, 3SBS loudspeaker, tank for water transportation, water cannon-jet, system of commandoes descending from both sides (4-5 persons simultaneously) has been designed. Modification to be used by secret services has been designed equipped with the floodlight on the gimbal assembly, pivot axle assemblies for the automatic weapon and auto-machine gun, additional sitting of the gunner and loudspeakers. When used for medevac the individual portable complete sets of the oxygen equipment can be placed onboard for medical care for the injured person.

Flight performances
Length of fuselage, m 11.3
Width of fuselage, m 1.4
Height, m 5.4
Main wheel track, m 3.5
Diameter of rotor, m 15.9
Size of cabin (Length x Height x Width), m 4.52 x 1.32 x 1.30
Maximum take-off weight, kg 11000 / 12 700
Empty helicopter weight, kg 6 500
Maximum weight of freight, kg
in cabin, kg
on the external load sling, kg

3 700
5 000
Maximum limit speed, km/h 260
Cruiser speed, km/h 230
Maximum rate-of-climb, m/sec 16
Maximal ceiling, m 5000
Operating ceiling, m 3600
Flying range, km 800
Flight duration, h 4
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