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Cargo Transportation

  • heavy lift cargo transportation on the external sling and inside the cabin;
  • transportation of the equipment for geologic exploration;
  • logging.

Passenger transportation 

  • corporate and VIP passenger transportation,
  • air taxi services for private persons.

Construction operations

Mounting and dismounting of:

  • TV towers, cellular communication towers, communication constructions;
  • technological industrial equipment and a facilities; 
  • rope-ways (including rope expansion);
  • supports for power transmission lines.

Firefighting operations

Aerial observation, survey and photography

Rescue operations

Pipeline construction and aerial patrol

Support of oil and gas projects

Offshore operations

Unique aerial works

News Archive НПК «ПАНХ» на международной научно-практической конференции в Ростове
On September 28, Andrey Kozlovsky, PANH Helicopters General Director participated in the International Scientific-Practical Conference ‘Challenges Facing Transport Infrastructure Development’ (AviaTrans-2017).
The traditional annual AviaTrans conference held in the Rostov branch of the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation, makes a sound contribution to aviation development, gives an opportunity not only for exchanging experience, but also for discussing the current problems of the industry and expanding the range of contacts. 02.10.17 Руководство ОАО НПК "ПАНХ" выразило благодарности экипажам вертолетов. For the demonstrated high professional qualities and excellent performance of their duties on June 24, 2017 during a flight operation on evacuating sick children from hard-to-reach area Normanyang (Republic of South Sudan) in severe weather conditions, PANH Helicopters management expresses gratitude to the crew of Mi-8T RA-22769 helicopter, consisting of:

Shlyakhturov Vladimir Ivanovich, PIC
Tovstyka Gennady Vladimirovich, PIC
Baida Kirill Georgievich, Flight Engineer
as well as Nechitailo Anatoly Alexandrovich, Rumbek Project Manager (Republic of South Sudan).

For the demonstrated high level of professionalism and crew cooperation during a complicated fire suppression in a mountain area (2500 m) in the vicinity of Ulucinar settlement (Republic of Turkey) on June 12, 2017, PANH Helicopters management expresses gratitude to the crew of Ka-32S RA-31577 helicopter consisting of:

Evdoshenko Viktor Yurievich, PIC
Bezukladnikov Alexander Alexandrovich, Co-Pilot
Moiseev Roman Yurievich, Flight Engineer 06.07.17 Семинар по безопасности полетов в Гааге Flight Safety seminar ‘Safety Leadership In Challenging Times’, organized by Shell Aircraft, was held in Hague from May 31 till June 01, 2017.
PANH Helicopters management representatives - First Deputy Alexey Skorikov and Director for International Sales and Marketing Ludmila Baraney and Acting Head of Flight Safety Department Sergey Mkrtychev - participated in the seminar.
The flight safety meetings have always been and remain principal and most important events in the industry that enable leading aviation specialists not only exchanging experience and information, but also developing a joint strategy aimed at further risk mitigation. 09.06.17
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